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It is true that the well known Democrat politicians are big on assault rifles and weapons of war. It is also true they don’t know what they are talking about. If you think that is the problem you are a fool. The people that are the think tank of the Democrat party know exactly what their subject matter is. They spend a lot of hours dreaming up ways to lie and mislead the public. Same deal they use on immigrants/ illegal aliens. The Left promoted the illegal aliens to illegal immigrants so it a short time they were just immigrants. When they reach that point they are purposely confusing the public. They further present the gun issue as one of public safety. We all know it’s a must for Marxist governments to outlaw private ownership of firearms. That way you can’t resist when they tell you there is no more private ownership of real estate or business. You got to look for the real motive for many of the Lefts agendas. None of it is for the benefit of humanity.
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