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Yes. He is spreading a dangerous heresy that everyone of us should fear. To go out and fearlessly stalk the wild zebra, and when a threat presents itself, use the inner predator and get the job done without remorse or fear or hesitation?

He's talking about being the western gunfighter. he even refers to a gunfighter in the page.

A lion takes no joy in killing a gazelle. It yells "woo hoo, kids, it's food"! An hour later, a gazelle could pee on the lion's feet and he won't even swish his tail.

Hunter of demons?

This is all that I need. He posted this on a publicly accessible forum, advising people to emulate him. He is a predator, a hunter of demons, and he makes no attempt to remind people that killing isn't the goal, and that it had better be a last choice, or a time of extreme danger.

Hunter of demons isn't a job. It's a mental disorder.
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