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I would have to agree with the people who have said to always get your proper grip with your shooting hand. Your support hand is just that, support. If you compromise your shooting hand grip, who knows what things you could affect? This includes trigger pull, recoil management, instinctive aim... As you have already mentioned, you never know if you need to remove your "weak hand" to do something else. You would have to readjust your grip for 1-handed shooting.

For your purposes, I would consider getting a laser mounted to your gun. I have the Crimson Trace Laser Guard Pro on my Glock 43. For longer range shots with lots of bystanders, it provides a bit of reassurance. Great trigger control is still critical, but I like having the laser on my gun. Not sure what your security plan is, but I would have a known security team with armed team members strategically positioned in the back corners for maximum coverage. I hope this is just being overly cautious and that no one ever has to ever draw their guns.
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