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Not being really familiar with the laws in your state, I will not state with certainty that it is not a state law.

In this case, what I believe you are seeing is WalMart policy, not any actual law. And, the FOIDcard requirement might only be the policy at that specific store.

What I do know for sure is that for many years now, not all WalMart associates are allowed to work in all depts. Sporting goods (guns & ammo) in particular.

The employees who work Walmart sporting goods are required to be specially trained, They are required to know not just Fed and State laws that apply, but also Walmart policies and rules.

Often there will be only one or two clerks in the store that have that training. Walmart very well could (and likely would) fire someone who broke their rules about this.

You and I see only "hey, its just some.22LR ammo", but Walmart doesn't see it like that. What they see is an un/undertrained WALMART employee breaking store rules, and possibly laws, allowing "dangerous materials" to be sold which could leave Walmart legally liable. And, they rilly,rilly don't like being legally liable...

In over 30 years of weekly ( mostly grocery) shopping at Walmart I have never bought a gun from them (and, I won't) and the only ammo I ever bought from them was a few boxes of .410 slugs, because they had it on the shelf, and no one else local did...

Like Disney after Walt died, Walmart after Sam's passing has become something different from the dream of its founder. Not as "nice" an experience and lately, full of crap...
Copied from #4, I think t was...

Wonder how they handle liquor/beer sales?? That stuff is 'dangerous' for sure.
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