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I have a push button switch as a trigger mounted on the gun, a on/off switch as safety and multiple normally open pushbutton PCB switches for each barrel and a SPDT-switch to choose between first and second charge.

I’ve made two guns already with electronic ignition like this, but with seven barrels with only one charge in each instead of two superimposed charges, the guns look like this That’s basically modern pepperboxes, the problem with those is the size and even more so the weight. The .44 (the big one) is very heavy. But an over/under derringer will be very compact and leightweight, a four-barelled version would also be pretty compact and allow 8 shots if superimposed. Compared to conventional hardware a derringer like this will be as compact as a ordinary derringer, but by superimposing the loads it could have higher capacity.

However, I mounted all the electronics on the guns (these doesn’t have a SPDT-switch to choose between charges and no on/off safety either) but my thought now is to use a separate ”board” with electronics seperated from the gun, with only the push button switch mounted on the gun itself.

The electronics chematics is actually pretty simple.

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