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Generally speaking, an imported gun without import markings either got into the US before 1968, or was brought in a personal item, such as a "war trophy" bringback.

So, all the lack of an importer's name and address means is that the gun was not imported for commercial sale after 1968.

Collectors, being the funny folk they are, sometimes consider such things important enough to pay more for guns with or without certain markings.

Most of us who are not as interested in completely period correct but interested in having a working example of a type, don't care much if it has or doesn't have certain specific markings.

Where we bump heads with sellers is when they put collector high prices on stuff that isn't the rare piece collectors will pay more for, but they think it is.

and as to the actual $ amount being asked? Considering the generations long slide in the value of our money, $700 now, might be stupid, but same gun another 20 years down the road? Maybe not so much.

I sold a pristine M38 that I paid $75 for in the 80s (or maybe early 90s, I forget..) for $450, and the buyer was happy. SO, $700 for a run of the mill today? no way. In 2040? (or sooner), who knows??

Some of us still remember gas at less than $0.50 per gallon and a McD buger at $0.20 What we don't remember as well was you doing fairly well if you were making $75 a week with a family of four to feed.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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