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They have no more fallen out of favor than any other handgun on the market. I wonder when firearm owners will quit focusing on most popular or what the internet crap produces.
Most popular among whom? The vast amount of Newbie shooters that are in this crazy market or the people that buy guns and do not even make it to the range once a month?
All firearms are unique in their own way. Not everybody should buy the most popular or the most advertised. Most of the comments that go negative on a fire arm are from people that have never even shot one.
Then some internet know it all, just like the Parrots they are, repeat the same crap.
Ever go to a LGS? Walk in there and listen to the nonsense from customers that buy guns. And most likely they will buy the cheapest or the most advertised and then get on the internet to tell everybody how great their gun is and bash anything else.
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