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MANY moons ago, I wrote a composition for my English class in college. The main theme was that the middle schools in the US should have instruction on very basic emergency medical techniques (opening airway, controlling bleeding etc.) I said that there would be plenty of EMTs around if the teachers didn't want to get trained to do it. (Later, I even went to my twin sons' grade school {I was an EMT} on parent day and, with the aid of a training model that I got at my EMS service, I showed the kids how to check and safely open an airway as well as putting pressure on an open bleed. The kids were very attentive and I got a lot of very positive responses from the kids, the parents and the teacher. )

I also said that there should be a full course on first responder level emergency medicine in every high school and the students should have to pass this class in order to graduate.

I got a great grade on the paper but that is about as far as it went.

Imagine the number of lives that would be saved every year in this country if there was this type of program in existence? I'm not talking about just mass shootings, which is the theme of this thread, but everyday living emergencies. Just my .02.

PS - I even was given the opportunity to give a bunch of my fellow employees (Oscar Mayer) a quick and dirty lesson on basic emergency medical treatment, on company time I might add.
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