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So, what does this suggest for strategies to survive mass shooting events?
It says the:

National Association of Emergency Medicine Physicians
Thinks they are doing a good job.

I would say the issue is not with EMT's or Emergency physicians. The area with the most room to improve would be good samaritan and untrained first responders at the shooting sight.

Keeping such things as tourniquets, quick clotting bandages, defibrillators, AMBU bags, Oxygen, Ringers, Normal Saline IV, etc as well as the training to use them should be a part of every school faculty, place of worship, and community center.

It does not take very long to learn to use any of these items and they should be available in first aid kits.

Basic first aid training should be something every responsible gun owner seeks out independently.

Additionally, a trained first responder kit should be maintained which has things like controlled meds such as Adrenaline shots and morphine to pushed to any trained responder that happens to be present.
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