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I guess we'll just see how things take shape over the next few months with Form 1 wait times.


Engraved and assembled in the as-filed/as-'registered' form:

Looks pretty funky.

It won't be staying like this. The intent with this SBR was use with some other uppers, but they were all unfinished, had unknowns, or required modification before use as an SBR. So, I went with a known quantity when filing the Form 1: The 5.56 7.5" upper that was ready to go and wouldn't be changing (it has a mostly-permanent home on my "good" pistol lower).

And, yes, if you're wondering, overall length is over 26". Even with that little 7.5" barrel, it comes in at 27.5". Without the butt extension and flash hider, it would be at about 25.4" ... not that it matters much. All other barrels are longer. I don't think I'll risk my suppressor on that short barrel. And I'm not removing the butt extension. (It's not for recoil mitigation. I need it for the Length of Pull.)

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