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Form 1 approval in 96 days

I filed a Form 1 for an SBR on 4/25. (Individual, paper.)
I got it back, approved, yesterday, 8/6.
The approval date was 7/30.

From mailing to approval was 96 days (3m, 5d).
Total time between mailing and receipt was 103 days (3m 12d).

People are telling me they've never seen one faster in this decade.
I didn't expect to see it this soon, either.
But I don't think it's setting records, or anything.

A quick check of NFA Tracker shows a few other people getting Form 1s approved in 4 months, or a bit over, in the last month. ...But there are still plenty of people complaining that they've been waiting for 6-8 months, and still have nothing.

Is it really that special?
Is the ATF actually doing something to reduce wait times? Or is it likely to be revealed as just a statistical anomaly that graced me with good luck?

I am, of course, still waiting on the Form 4s filed 2/6 and 3/8. (Estimated dates. I'm too lazy to go check my copies.)
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