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Remington 31

Just picked up an older Remington 31 pump action 12 guages. Took it for a testing today.

Fully functional. Except getting a shell to come out for feeding requires you to slam it back.
Pull back nice and slow, no load.

Shotguns I've fired, my win 1200, they loaded on a slow pull.
Not hating this if it's normal. Can clear chamber with it loaded. Can drop 4 in the bottom and fifth in breech to use a full 5 pack.
So, is the slam it back action normal for a rem 31? Or do I need to see a gunsmith?

Also, it only hold four 2 3/4s. This is a home defense gun. Feeder part spring pushes is about 1.5" long. Can it be shortened for a 5 pack load with empty chamber?
Only need 3/4" of an inch, just enough for the brass.
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