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Common maintiance men can find a bad relay and replace it, no specalized test equipment or training required.

It's just too easy to add a LED to a relay to show when it's stopped working,
That makes it super easy for the guy doing maintiance to find the fault.
While I do not consider myself a "common maintenance man" I do love those relays with the LED light. Its faster, plain and simple. Tell me where do I need to look next?

I also am pretty good electrically but this level is where my brother that served on a Nuke Sub comes in (Reactor Operator, basically a degree in nuclear physics and electronics with no humanities involved - I never saw an atomic particle or electron that read Shakespeare and wanted to talk about it )

Just as an aside, I finally saw a torch type annealer that met my criteria for accuracy. Rotating plate, two torches and the case spun when indexed into the torch position, it has a timer that was adjustable down to the 1/10 of second.

Only $550. Me thinks full electronics is still more better (torch heat consistency being an issue)

Now back to our regular programming.
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