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The owner was incredulous that her sweet harmless dog had gotten out and hurt someone.
This is usually the story. People with pits, rotts, etc. often talk about how "sweet and affectionate" they are, and they may be... with their families. But let a stranger into the picture and it's a different story.

Reminds me of an old friend of mine who was a police dog trainer for several years. He was an absolute authority on large, aggressive dogs. He had 3 Rottweilers that were the sweetest old doggies you ever saw. His 2 year old son could crawl on top of them while they were taking naps and pull on their ears, and they'd just give that "doggie smile" and tolerate him.

BUT he said if a stranger ever came into that house uninvited, they would instantly tear him to shreds.

That's a point to keep in mind next time you hear somebody talking about how their Pit, Rott, or Dobe is "sweet and affectionate."
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