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I think that the answer we are looking for is "balance". We are striving for a "system" that covers all potential ranges of combat. Grounds skills, regardless where you get them from are as vital as standing, as the use of weapons, so on and so on. No one system these days hold the answer. Thats why most of us (judging from the coversations) tend to train or at least expose ourselves to what is out there. I began my firearms training with my father, then progressed to the police academy, Gunsite, H&K, the FBI, NRA, Deni Chalker, Harry Humphries, Jack Furr and the list goes on. I didn't stick with what my father taught me, not that it was bad, just I had to change for my needs.
My goal should be to make sure that the others systems that I study, are compatible with each other, in an effort to "trim the fat" so to speak.

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