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That's an older picture I've seen long ago. Talk about long ago: when I was a young gun nut of 18, I bought one of these things for $100, in the box with sled and extras for the princely sum of $100 in New Brunswick N.J. !!!!!!! The ammo was $1 per round then, and I bought 50, at first. With the help of a cousin I took it to his father's sand and gravel quarry and shot at ancient abandoned steam shovel boilers and such. Yup it busted a couple inches of steel real pretty with lots of sparks an noise from the cannon brake! I remember the recoil sliding us back a few inches every shot!Unfortunely a neighbor half a mile away called the NJ State Troopers . These guys took a dim view of my legal purchase used on private property by somebody over the legal age of 18(back then) and told me to 'get rid of that cannon -or else!'
I sold it to a wonderful Cuban Charter boat captain of my father's aquaintence( for more than twice as much as I had into it, I can't remember how much but he was most generous) who made me show him where to buy ammo. He bought alot! He promised me he would use it to "shoot Fidel's house" on his next trip down to Florida. This was 1963, I believe
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