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There are a lot of misconceptions about FA pistols, namely that they are uncontrollable in FA fire. Not true, you just have to practice.

Last summer at our state Peace Officer's Conference the Glock guy was there, with numerous Glocks for officers to test and fire. Of course, I fired the Glock 18. I watched many officers fire it, like they would fire their service guns. And lo and behold, the muzzle would climb up the target, up the bank, etc. No one thought a full mag could be dumped in a target straight thru. I bet a guy that I could fire a full mag, FA, and keep all the rounds inside the 7 ring on a B-27. I did it. Then I took a 33 round mag, and fired it FA straight thru, one round in the 7, 5 rounds in the 8, and everything else inside of that. Even the Glock rep was impressed (not enough to hire me for demos, :-). I am not trying to brag, but to show it can be done with practice.

I do not think, however, an 18 or other FA pistol is a good choice for CCW, unless you have a chopper to bring you ammo.

They have their applications, but for me, it was damn fun. Nothing brightens your day like fully automatic weapons fire. Unless it's directed at you...
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