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Originally Posted by ripnbst
If you are set on .22 caliber then I'd buy a silencer capable of firing .223/556 NATO.
I would highly advise anyone to NOT do this.

Most center-fire rifle cans are sealed, meaning you can't take them apart: You don't need to clean a center-fire rifle can and they work better if they're sealed and can't be disassembled. The pressure is high enough that almost all the carbon fouling is blown right out of the can, and the thin layer that remains helps protect the baffles from heat and pressure and makes the can last longer, but this thin layer of carbon doesn't get too thick because of the huge amount of pressure going through the can with every shot.

But if you shoot .22 through it, lead and carbon will build up inside the can. The carbon can be removed by soaking the whole thing in solvent, but the lead is another story; it will be almost impossible to remove. Eventually it will get thick enough to affect performance and weigh down the can. This is why most people don't shoot .22 out of their rifle cans.

Just take apart a .22 can after only a few hundred rounds and see how much lead build-up there is. No way am I putting that lead in my rifle can with very little hope of ever getting it out.
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