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Yes it is Art. I have made that drive several times.

There are a lot of beautiful drives in Arizona and I have made a lot of them. It is odd that I who grew up on Long Island, find the desert so beautiful. I must admit, it was an acquired taste. You do have to look longer and harder to find things of interest. But other times the grand scale of things is just apparent. Hidden just behind the vast creosote flats.

Until my hips started getting real bad, I'd hunt on the move all day long. I always thought that the desert I hunted just wasn't good for taking big game. But I loved it so much I kept coming back. These last two years, hobbled by both hips wearing out I have managed to harvest on of each of the four big game species in Arizona. Deer, Elk, Turkey, and Javelina but not including speed goat and sheep.

Lesson learned: stay still even in the desert and the deer are rarely up high. Look for the blandest, flattest, featureless landscape and you will find them there.
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