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T O’Heir - Prescott is not known for being cheap. But it has 4 seasons and is just beautiful.

I need to go down to the hunt area this weekend. Let me see what the rancher says. He keeps up on all of the latest land management stuff. I’m working in the Tucson area and have pretty easy access to the Sonoran Deserrt Museam. I’ll make a point to look.

I’m beginning to think it is more than fit. I pretty much do stupid things when I see birds. It doesn’t help that I had to switch back to my right eye/right hand after a minor stoke. I’m right handed, left eye dominant but the left eye is nearly useless. It was hard enough learning to shoot a shot gun left handed. But that isn’t an option anymore with only a little over 60% vision in my left eye. And that is real blurry beyon a foot or so.
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