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I'm surprised nobody picked up on my way of 'saving ammunition'. My wife accuses me of raising the level of the desert by spreading lead pellets all about. And she has a point. That is about all I accomplish other than being outside 'in it'.

I'm a small person at 5'-7" and for some reason the typical Remington 870 stock configuration just doesn't fit me well. After shouldering any one of my pump shotguns I have to move my head a lot to be looking over the barrel. Last year I bought a Savage Fox Model B because the drop put my eyes closer to where they should be hoping the better fit would improve my success. No such luck. I still suck. BUT..... I now suck with a bit more OG Swagger. At least I look good while I miss the birds.

OG Swagger = Old Guy Swagger. Just call me Elmer and I'll continue to raise the level of the desert one shot shell at a time.
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