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Originally Posted by Sure Shot Mc Gee View Post
As for dove hunting? I don't keep fish smaller than my hand. A breast of dove the size of a chicken gizzard? Honestly I rather hear their morning & evening cooing than eating em.
I personally don't keep any fish, unless it has been hooked deep and I doubt it will survive. I don't fish for subsistence, I fish for the joy of fishing. Mostly how it is for me when it comes to hunting. While I eat everything I kill, I don't hunt to eat. Folks say the same thing about Woodcock. Too small, tastes to strong to eat, etc, etc. These folks probably have not have the chance to hunt Timberdoodles during the flight with a good pointer. Some of the fastest and challenging upland shooting there is, especially with a good dog. I don't hunt doves, but have always figured it was the same. When the birds are there, it can be fast and furious, as well as very challenging. IOWs, fun to hunt.
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