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Thanks Buck

My comment about the mis-management was a general comment on the state of the land and not necessarily related to management for deer populations or anything else. This state trust land is bordered by BLM land and the separation is a simple barbed wire fence. One can see the difference in land management at the fence line. The two properties are distinctly different from one side of the fence to the other. Dirt and rocks in between the creosote bushes on one side compared to at least some grasses on the BLM side. Though I’m pretty certain that any grasses we see are not what was there 200 years ago.

I’m not a cattle man but I suspect that the BLM land can support way more head of cattle per acre than the adjacent trust land. (Might actually be acres per head here in the desert. The trust land is a resource for education funding and I don’t really expect the state to manage it for wildlife. That would be nice but not necessarily in their charter. I’m ok leasing to cattle ranchers to produce some income until the property is sold. It just seems short sighted to not manage the property better. I would pay more for a lease on the adjacent BLM land. It isn’t all over grazing either. This particular property allows for ATV recreation. It is supposed to be limited to established trails but isn’t enforced.

Sorry rant off.

I went out and hunted dove last evening. 10 birds shot at. No birds in the bag. I really suck. But I have to say it was a good day hunting.
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