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Originally Posted by johnm1 View Post
It has been overgrazed for 100 years and I have no idea how it supports any wildlife at all. I have been surprised in this area to scare up two Deer previously. The area is sparsely populated with mostly shrubbery. The natural grasses were gone nearly a century ago.
Deer are browsers.....not grazers. The shrubbery, depending on what it is, can support deer on it's own. The land may not be mismanaged at all, at least for deer. The fawn being born late, does have a lower rate of survival, but has a much better chance of surviving in Arizona being born late than here in Wisconsin. Does will continue to come into heat every 28 days or so if they are not bred in their first estrus cycle. Seems your fawn was created during the does third or fourth cycle of the year. The lack of smaller game in the area may mean a lower density of predators too. Thus helping the little guy/gal a bit. Areas like what you describe are very common on public land, very little monies to do habitat. Many state wildlife policies are to leave that land as natural as possible with little or no interference and no planting of non-native species or ag crops. What we can do as hunters is to supplement food sources with minerals/food or even to add fertilizer so what natural food is there is healthier. I suggest checking your state and local laws to see what is legal and to not supplement feed during the hunting season. If there are deer there and breeding, there is a food source and cover.
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