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I said in an earlier post that I thought Zimmerman was "unwise" to exit his vehicle.

Maestro Pistolero challenged that assertion, so I will clarify:

I think it was unwise for Zimmerman to have dismounted and followed on foot, without apparently considering his options should things go south, as they did. Notice I am not saying it was "wrong" for him to follow, in an attempt to ascertain an address or destination, but that it was "unwise".

Had Zimmerman concentrated on maintaining a safe following distance; kept aware of avenues of escape; and not lost track of Martin, then I would not even say that following had necessarily been unwise. It does not seem that was the case.

So, I meant Zimmerman was unwise in a tactical sense, not that I felt his following of Martin was unlawful.

But like I said, I could easily see where a 17 year old would react abruptly to noticing he was being followed by some strange, older guy.

A problem I have noted is the tendency of the prosecution and the anti-Zimmerman people to equate following and reporting (or possibly verbally challenging) a person with assault. This is specious.

Another problem I perceive is the tendency of a lot of us pro-2A types to resent Zimmerman for putting the spotlight on a less than ideal case. I suspect some are assigning more blame to Zimmerman than the evidence necessarily supports, out of that same resentment.

I know I certainly resented this case when it first made the news.
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