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I saw quite a bit of it.
I don't think they proved Murder 2...and last I heard the Prosecution is asking that the jury be allowed to consider Manslaughter.
My bet, though, is that he's found guilty if only because of the societal pressure.
I will say this:
Watching the trial has been a very educational experience for me. This is what anyone can face in a similar situation.
What if George had been wearing one of those "Cold Dead Hands" or Anti-Obama t-shirts they sell at the gun shows?
What if he had a "Make My Day" bumper sticker on his car - or that "We Don't Call 911" sticker on his front door?
What if he'd been carrying something cocked and locked as opposed to a long pull DA (I have a P-11)? The prosecution made quite a deal just out of his having a round chambered.

All these things would stack up against you fast and large.

There are many lessons to be learned from all of this.
"When the Going gets Weird the Weird Turn Pro"
Hunter S. Thompson

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