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Do the right thing, "society"...

I understand your point about TM but Im saying that it's not a valid excuse to me if I sat on a criminal court jury.
Martin had 0 authority or license to go back & confront GZ(if that is what really took place) just because he was mad or "didn't trust the cops".
It's very true that there are segments of US society that do not have faith in law enforcement or do not like public safety/first responders but that doesn't exempt them from the law or law & order.

Around 2007, I was working in a low end area of a major city, doing security work at a chain hotel. Across the street, about a block away I saw a small fire start up behind a unused, empty building(retail space). There were a few bums & street people milling around the fire scene. I waited a few minutes to see if anyone closer would act or contact fire-rescue. No one did.
I called the fire units & briefed them of the incident. The fire was bad but on a vacant lot & no one was injured.

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