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This is why i think there is room for this thing in the overall realm of gun/cartridge line ups.

The .357 works for me,. . .
Me too. I don't need this new gun, but it would attract me like a cat to a laser! 357 mag is good, but pressures in real 357 mag rounds is high, so extraction can be sticky. Are there downloaded 125 - 135 gr HP SD loads which exit a 2 - 3" gun at 1000 - 1200 fps? Also, when it expands, it is a super round. If it does not expand, it is a pretty small bullet, just punching a hole. Just thinking out loud. I see this argument isn't solid.

Admittedly, this is not much of a benefit over 357 mag, but if you have neither. . .357 mag ammo is already pricey, so this could be price competative and offer a slight advantage.

Don't we have 41 cal S&W & Ruger Revolvers???
We do. Do any of these have CCW packability? Also, 41 mag is a serious round. Maybe too much recoil for SD in a 3" gun. Yea, a 170gr bullet at 1800 fps is too much heat for me to CCW.

. . ..38-40. . .
Great SA caliber. . .but it is longer than a 44 special!

40S&W, 38-40, 44 spcl, 45 ACP for comparison.
So, my take on that round is too big for a CCW revolver.

41 AE
I think Wikipedia said this best,
The .41 Action Express is a pistol cartridge developed in the 1980s to reproduce the performance of the .41 Magnum cartridge in semi-automatic pistols.
Same issues as 38-40 and 41 mag.
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