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If someone is intent on doing you harm do you think the door is really going to stop them? Even reinforced doorways with extended throw bolts are only going to slow someone competent with intent to come through. Yes I get that some home invasions the victim has opened the door but it’s not a prerequisite. Taking refuge in your fortress does not spare you the evil intent. It may end with the needy calling down curses upon you and others adjusting their opinion of you. You cannot have perfect personal safety. Are you willing to give up politeness and goodness to those in need seeking what you will not find anyways

Based on what you just said, I suspect that you may have very little experience regarding the nature of the majority of home invaderss or how they most often go about selecting target home.

I don't think anyone said anything about Perfect personal safety, I think the suggestion was "better" personal security which is common sense driven.

Am I willing to give up politeness and goodness toward strangers at my front door?? Yes I am... and I will replace politeness and goodness with cautious indifference. If I didn't invite them to my home, I don't owe them a darn thing.

Not answering my door is not "hiding in my fortress". Answering the door to strangers is simply not important to me and in this day and age, people going door to door are rather suspicious to me in general. It aint 1955 anymore
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