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I asked this same question about a year ago and the best answer I got was "test it for yourself and get your own data". I have a SilencerCo Omega 300 can that I swap around on 2x 5.56 AR style rifles, 1x 300 Blackout and a SCAR 17. And since I swap it around, I don't do direct thread on. I haven't tested the POI shift on my 5.56s or the SCAR, but I have shot my 300 Blackout a LOT suppressed and unsuppressed. Since the purpose for my 300 BO is for close range shooting, it's sighted in at 50 yards with a red dot and I haven't pushed it past 100 yards. So I can't attest to any POI shift past 100 yards. But I haven't noticed any POI shift when I take the can on and off (using the same ammo) shooting it at 50 yards. I do see a POI shift when I use different ammo (namely subsonic vs supersonic), but that goes without saying.

I also have a .22 suppressor that I swap around between my 10/22, Ruger Mark III and my .22LR AR upper. Again, no direct thread. As with the 300 BO, I haven't seen any POI shift going between can and no-can.
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