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Not at all true, at least when referring to firearms laws. There has been a metric ton of gun friendly legislation passed over the last 10 years. Up until recently, you couldn’t carry in any place that served alcohol, anywhere that charged admission, at parades, local towns could restrict ccw in parks, and school grounds was an absolute prohibited area. Now, all of that is gone. Have your carry piece and need to pick the kids up at school? You can do that without being a felon now. Carry in the movies? Yup.
Those bits of legislation were passed years ago. I'm grateful for them, but to paraphrase Janet Jackson "What have they done for use lately?"

Lately, there has been a lot of push for anti-gun. We've been fighting a defensive battle for many years now. Thankfully we have GRNC in this state to watchdog, let us know and lobby the reps. If you guys aren't supporting GRNC, please do. They are a really great RKBA advocate for us in NC (an example of what the NRA should be at the national level) and things would likely be worse if not for them. (I'm not affiliated with GRNC, just a thankful supporter.)

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