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NC is slowly turning into the NJ of the south....
Not at all true, at least when referring to firearms laws. There has been a metric ton of gun friendly legislation passed over the last 10 years. Up until recently, you couldn’t carry in any place that served alcohol, anywhere that charged admission, at parades, local towns could restrict ccw in parks, and school grounds was an absolute prohibited area. Now, all of that is gone. Have your carry piece and need to pick the kids up at school? You can do that without being a felon now. Carry in the movies? Yup.

Now, the triangle area is changing because of transplants. It’s a running joke in Cary that no one is actually originally “from Cary.” Lots of nice folks, but they move here for jobs, lower taxes, affordable (well, was) real estate, and lower cost of living.... and proceed to say “well back home the town took care of (fill in blank) why can’t they do it here?” The answer... We don’t want to pay 15k a year in the property taxes needed to pay for those services.
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