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I bought a similar revolver (also .32 S&W) awhile back, in much worse condition, to use as a classroom demo in teaching NRA Basic Pistol. Mine has probably 30% or more of the nickel plating flaked off, and it doesn't work in double action mode. Single action works, though.

I only paid $25 for mine, and that was less than what I would have paid for a non-firing replica of a Remington top break. And that's all I wanted it for -- to show students what a top break revolver is. I picked up some dummy rounds for it, and I ground down the firing pin so it can't fire even if someone has a live round in their pocket. For my purpose, it's ideal.

(Yes, I know the rule is no live ammo in the classroom. There's almost always some doofus -- often a young veteran who is just taking the class to satisfy the requirement to get his carry permit -- who thinks he knows more than the old goat standing up in front of the class, and who is certain that the rules don't apply to HIM. For that reason, I use non-firing or blank-firing guns or airsofts in the class as some assurance that "that guy" won't be able to pull a 9mm cartridge out of his pocket and "just try it out" in a demo gun that's being passed around.)
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