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Lohman446 I have wanted a silencer for some time. Its not the cost of the silencer that prevents me from owning one or even the cost of the tax stamp. The procedure to get one is a pain (or appears to be when I look at the forms) and is enough to prevent me from going forward in acquiring one.
Fear of the unknown.
1 Go to create an account. SS will process all the paperwork and make your transaction almost effortless.
2 Choose the silencer you want. (pricing varies by dealer), if you want to use a trust...throw a Single Shot Trust in the cart for $25 and the $200 tax stamp.
3 Choose the dealer you want to receive the silencer. Those with the "thumbprint" have a fingerprint kiosk.
4 Scan your prints at the dealers kiosk.
5 Upload a "selfie" via the Silencer Shop photo app with your cellphone.
6. Wait 6-8months for ATF to approve,
7. Fill out a Form 4473 at your dealer and go home that day with your toy.

Anyone who says its a pain did it wrong.
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