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Originally Posted by hdwhit View Post
I don't know that upping the tax from $200 to $500 is a harbinger of bringing semi-auto ARs under the NFA.

But, let's assume you're right. Why do you think that existing firearms would be grandfathered in tax-free? The law could easily end up being written so that you get to keep your AR provided you register it and pay the tax. In that case you'd be looking at shelling out thousands of dollars to keep those $40 lowers.
It's a backdoor, sneaky way for them to get an exorbitant tax and slow approval process tacked on to the boogeyman AR rifle. Thing is, nobody is going to be paying attention to changes to the NFA because it's such a small number of people who have NFA regulated guns. The NRA has already shown they couldn't give two flips about NFA guns, if anything THEY WANT MORE ADDED TO THE NFA!

As for my situation, lets just say if the zeitgeist in government is to make me into a criminal, then they'll get what they want. I'll flip them to people desperate to have an AR... for a hefty sum of course.
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