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Originally Posted by Brownstone322 View Post
I'm kinda curious what you paid. I bought a CZ PCR a year ago off for $548 (plus shipping and transfer fees). They're listed out there now (same dealer, I think) for $559. Those prices are under list, and I'm cool with that.

When I first started looking for a PCR, I couldn't find one either. My local gun shop had a P-01, but they said they had never stocked a PCR. In fact, my regular sales guy (who knows a helluva lot about handguns) said he'd never actually seen one. But then I started browsing Gunbroker, and -- to my knowledge -- they've always had PCRs out there, at least from this one particular source. But I dunno

Anyway, great little gun.
I bought my PCR new in 2000 for around $350 if memory serves. At the time Sig had just discontinued the P225, and they were priced similarly. I still went with the PCR, and am glad I did.
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