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Public apology

During my presentation at the Tactical Conference this year, I made a *bad* but absolutely unintentional mistake – I left Lynn Givens’ name out of my speech when I was talking about female role models and trainers! She was in my notes, but … I goofed during the speech. For those who do not know Lynn, she is one of the premier female trainers in the country, and I strongly recommend her work at Rangemaster (and on the road) for anyone who wants to understand more about shooting and self defense. She’s someone I deeply respect, and I’m completely mortified that I erred in this way. For those who heard my speech or heard about it, please accept this as my sincere assurance that I meant no snub of either Lynn or the excellent women on staff at Rangemaster, and that the stumble was completely unintentional.

Kathy Jackson
Kathy Jackson
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