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You know, I have a lot of guns. Big ones, little ones. I have carried a gun daily for over 30 years. I've carried everything from .45 cal down to .22 short, including a 30 shot M1 carbine pistol. As I have gotten older and, I hope, wiser. I don't carry a real gun anymore. I just drop my Keltec P32 in my pocket and go about my business. There is a 9mm within reach in the cars, and at home there are guns quite easily accessible.
I long ago quit being a slave to my carry gun.
I do know that most of the people who routinely carry a huge gun on their person have little need to do so. They carry it because it's cool, or macho. Maybe it's all they have to carry, or maybe they read all the goblin stories about how little guns just piss people off when you shoot them-and actually believe those stories. If I knew that I was going to have to use a gun, you damned betcha I would have a couple of huge ones-but I'll take my risks with the teeny gun and refuse to be a slave to carrying.
But now that it's been mentioned, it wouldn't hurt to stash one in the crapper. My wife or I might need it.
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