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But in the end, freedoms are growing in Illinois, so it's a Good Thing
Yes, I do feel the momentum!

Now, what the details are of course remains to be seen, but I am expecting something (Chicago area) similar to when firearms were recently allowed to be registered and owned in Chicago in your home- but not your garage.

Not a whole lot of hard work here. The ordinance was not rewritten, it was just edited (actually lines crossed out and few sections added or excluded). Of note, it had/has:

specific makes that are banned
forms limiting quantity and annual registering of firearms
fee requirement and Certified completion of Firearms Course requirement
finger printing and photo id for Chicago Firearms Permit taken at police station

Now, my point being, they already have a pretty good block on who is getting these permits by having course and fee requirements. This amounting to time and several hundreds of dollars will exclude a lot.

So in addition to above, I think the big area of debate will be the banned areas of carry!

They can add AW bans of AR type, but these are already banned in Cook county and magazine capacity is also already limited to 12 (Cook County) and 10 (Chicago), so that is not an issue.

Just don't allow in schools(National debate at moment) and places of assembly. Not in liquor stores? There is one on every corner, so that sounds a bit ridiculous. I would turn to look at other states for their take on this.
What about the el and buses or on the Metra commuter train? I realize Chicago has a lot more intricacies than downstate, where driving around a little town in your pickup is about the only contact you will have. (And we used to have hunting acreage downstate and a pickup, so I am not being prejudice!)

So I think Madigan (AG-IL) and Rahm (M-Chicago) should sit down and have a little meeting sooner rather than later.
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