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oversized mold needed! .58 cal

Help please. I have three .58 cal muzzleloader rifles and a Lee R.E.A.L boolit mold. The mold is their 440g .575 mold. My problem is in my CVA the boolits basically fall down the bore. The mold throughs boolits at .575-.577 and weigh 435g +- 1.5g. I measured the bore right at .580 with about .0010 deep riflings. I tried them with a .005 patch and they work great. Without the patch I get a 11/2 foot group at 50 yrds.My questions are...

What size mold should I try?

Where can I find one?

Should I try a different boolit?

I hear they make oversized molds but I can't seem to find what I need.

I love the R.E.A.L boolits in my other two .58's. With 100g of 3f she'll shoot clean through 12 plastic 1gal milk jugs. That's with pure lead. My 7mm mag at 3210 fps with a Hornady 140g SP only gets 8 jugs
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