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Jim I agree that you can't forsee every eventuality and you can't live life - or can't live it very well - if you're tied up in knots trying to anticipate everything in the world that may happen.

But with all due respect, I don't believe that anticipating an eventual misfire and learning how to deal with it comes under that heading. Using expensive brass shotshells does complicate dealing with a misfire, because you can't cut into the hulls and they're too expensive to just toss, so I'm glad I asked the question about it and got some answers on it, including yours which was very helpful, and for that, thanks again.

I'd been shooting off a few of these things daily before I asked the question, and I've continued to do so after I got the answers, so it wasn't like I was incapacitated into inaction over this. Obviously I could have just waited until the event happened - and of course, it may never happen - but if it did, then I could have just tossed my expensive $6.50 brass shell in the river somewhere, then I could have gone on the forum and asked my question without anyone saying I was jumping before I was bit. But why lose $6.50 when somebody could probably tell me how to avoid it? What's the forum for if its not to learn the answer to legitimate questions so you don't have to learn those answers through expensive experience?
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