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Thanks to all who've replied. Yeah, I too prefer the "be prepared" motto to that one.

I'll bet shooting that trench pump gun with your brass shells is a hoot. I don't have a pump gun myself unfortunately. I used to have a Winchester Ranger "combo" pump gun (with two barrels) but gave it to my oldest son about 23-25 years ago when he left for grad school out west. I think he's still got it but he lives a long way away now and I don't get to see him much.

Besides my old single barrel 12 ga. "fun gun", the only shotgun I've got left is an old reliable Remington Model 11 12 Gauge autoloader. I take especially good care of it, and really don't plan to shoot my brass shells in it, (because I've heard there's danger of knocking the shell components loose, and getting them into the magazine and chamber). Anyone who's got a Model 11 knows they kick like a mule, and that if anything will loosen those components up, it will. But, if I ever did load it up with brass shells, I'll bet they'd make a heck of a racket being ejected from the gun and landing on the concrete floor of the outdoor range where I sometime shoot. I may have to try it sometime.
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