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I am not a gun-centric person and the "gun" is not the center of my universe whereby all things must orbit. I have never in my life, carried in a bar. The genesis of such a practice is based purely on common sense and prudence.

I have trekked all across this planet without a gun. I think for the sake of generous prudence, I can manage to patron a bar without one.

self defense is hardly limited to what people can or cant do with a gun and most criminal entanglements do not appear or develop out of thin air. If you cant lean on a gun to solve your problems you might want to lean on an abundance of caution and good sense.

To the people who feel that being unarmed from time to time is such big deal. I ask them what protection do they employ against being struck by lighting? They still go outside don't they? Its mostly common sense.. right?
Life is a web woven by necessity and chance...

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