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Originally Posted by amusante
Thanks for the info guys. Does anyone know off hand how much land someone has to own to be able to shoot on it?
You're in Connecticut. Connecticut has 169 municipalities, 168 of which have their own zoning regulations. Many of them also have at least a few firearms ordinances, which may or may not be (but probably are) more restrictive than state law.

IIRC, CT state law doesn't allow you to discharge a firearm within 300 feet of any occupied structure or other person who is not a member of your party. This effectively means you have to be 300 feet away from any house or garage and 300 feet away from any street or property line.

An acre is 43,560 square feet, which in very round numbers is "a bit" more than 200 x 200. So to be 300 feet away from every side, if the parcel is a perfect square you'd need slightly more than 9 acres. Round it up to 10 acres as a starting point. (And then hope your municipality isn't one of the ones with more restrictive ordinances.)
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