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A couple of good replies here, IMO, regarding courtesy at indoor ranges. The one I frequent has staff who know enough to place the big-bangers at the right end of the lanes, so that their (our) noise and cartridge ejection least bothers the other shooters. To me this is good practice, good business, etc. As the shooter, it makes it a little easier for me to retrieve my casings, which shooters of big bores like me are more likely to want to do. Win-win for everybody.

When I go to an indoor range, if I an shooting semi-auto I request the farthest right lanes possible and if I am shooting single-action I request the farthest-left, since I want to recover 100% of my brass and don't want to be showered by ejected cases from the semi-auto to the left of me. Unless they're brass ACP, in which case I'll be happy to catch and/or keep them.
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