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I don't think I'm an expert, but I do know a few things.
Staff with 44 AMP for a screen name = expert, IMHO.

As far as I know, there were some .41JMP barrels produced, but I have no idea how many. I don't know if there were any complete pistols packaged and sold.
So there's a chance...

no. Not even remotely the same round.
Yeah, an acquaintance insisted I could run the .30 Mausers through my AutoMag III 9mm WinMag. I thought he was nuts. I think he was confused because they supposedly chambered the III for .30 Mauser briefly.

Don't know if Wildey ever sold any .30s. Wasn't a catalogue item I ever saw.
It keeps popping up in my research to track down one of each Wildey for my collection. I'll keep searching. Many thanx.
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