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For those who have become firearms instructors

Firearms have recently come very close (and some days surpass) my love for my other great passion, music. I really enjoy shooting them, studying them, reading about them, practicing my grips, and of course, shooting them (again!)

I've had this seed of a thought in the back of my head for a while now that since I have such a love for guns that maybe I should invest some energy into learning how to be an effective teacher.

It won't necessarily be a short road. My first major issue is that I'm 17. I turn 18 next month but won't even be able to apply for a concealed carry license until I turn 21. I haven't been shooting all that long and my knowledge of certain weapons (shotguns and revolvers, mainly) is lacking currently. I feel I am most proficient with my current weapon of choice, a CZ 75 BD. I can't make long shots or group within the X ring all the time. I can group in the "head" of a silhouette target at 15 yards or within the upper torso with double taps and rapid fire.

My parents are going to take a defensive carry class at our range and I think I'm going to take it with them. I want to start getting more involved with their classes. For now it will be things like defensive pistol, but I'd like to try everything from skeet and trap to long range rifle marksmanship. Just don't have the shotguns or rifles

My goal in the beginning will be simple enough. I am very safety conscious and stick to the rules even when others have called me ridiculous or zealous for doing so. I have been humbled a couple times (thanks for the tough love, those who have humbled me) and learn from the experience. I would like to start with something like NRA first steps, and maybe a type of class where we talk about realistic firearms safety and then demonstrate safe handling of different action shotguns, rifles, and pistols to get beginning shooters familiar with different systems.

I have just come from reading the article on the Cornered Cat about this very thing where she makes some great suggestions.

Anybody who's become a teacher, were you in a similar situation? Do you stand by your decision? Do you have any advice for me? The best advice I've seen is to read, practice, take classes, learn, and keep an open mind. I would pursue continuing education for myself not to be the know it all but to continue to provide higher levels of education.

I do have some education experience in the past as I taught music classes for about 8 months to a wide age group.
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