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So if I was going to choose a self defense pistol based on this video I would go with a full sized high capacity 9mm loaded with +p+ rounds and focus on 3 shot bursts in training. In rifle calibers I believe the AK47 is the winner.
As of now, the only reasonably priced, mass produced pistol to fulfill the need for super hot loads, is the Ruger P95. The manual basically tells you to shoot +P+ out of it. Never had +P+, but the slide is heavy enough to put five rounds of 124gr +P Ranger within a 5 gallon jug, in 2 or 3 seconds. at 10-15 yds. Much more than that, get a rifle.

As an owner of a 16 inch AK (VEPR 308), I wouldnt advise using it for home defense, unless you have alot of land. The liability is way too high. 7.62 has been known to easily penetrate cinderblock walls, and occasionally penetrate red brick. Be kind to your neighbors, stick with good 9mm JHP's, or 00 buck.
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