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Both pistols feature steel magazine bodies, with the FNS using rear witness holes and S&W using side witness holes. The FNS magazines are shiny, but they aren't as silver as the magazines for the FNP were (more of a charcoal color on this FNS).

Magazine comparison:

Both pistols have generous feed ramps, though the FNS feed ramp is both wider and a bit longer. Both feedramps are polished nicely.

Feedramp comparison (M&P on the left, FNS on the right):

Perhaps one of the most noticeable differences is the profile or thickness of the barrels. The FNS has a noticeably thinner barrel than the M&P. That being said, the FNS has a cold hammer forged barrel whereas the M&P does not. FN pistols (the FNP, FNX, and FNS series) have had thinner barrels in the past and I am not aware of it being an issue.

Barrel profile comparison (FNS on the left, M&P on the right):
Know the status of your weapon
Keep your muzzle oriented so that no one will be hurt if the firearm discharges
Keep your finger off the trigger until you have an adequate sight picture
Maintain situational awareness

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