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I bought a left handed DuBiel rifle in 7X57 a couple of years ago. However, it doesn't quite fit the catalog descriptions I have been able to find in various publications.

For starters, mine has 3 locking lugs on the bolt, not the typical 5.

Next, the safety on mine is not a tang safety. Rather, it is a cross bolt safety positioned in the base of the forward end of the trigger guard.

Also, it does not have a Canjar trigger assembly, as expected. Instead, it has no name on the trigger assembly, and appears to be a "one of a kind" crafted for this individual rifle.

The serial number of this DuBiel is 2XXX.

"Well, then", you might say, "What DuBiel features does it have?

First, the words, "Dubiel Arms Company" are clearly imprinted top dead center on the barrel, a short distance forward of the receiver ring.

Also, the beautiful two-tone (blond and dark walnut) laminated wood stock commonly shown in catalogs is definitely as depicted in pictures. I might add that it has a rosewood forend, and an ebony wood pistol grip cap.

A local gunsmith that I took the DuBiel to for a trigger job, showed me a Ranger Arms Company (Greenville, TX) model that had the same bolt and bolt shroud configuration, and suggested that DuBiel (Sherman, TX - only about 40 miles from Gainesville, TX may have used the Ranger Arms Co. action to develope the early DuBiel prototype, much as Roy Weatherby used a Model 98 Mauser for his early production.

In comparing my DuBiel with the Ranger models, I can see a tremendous difference in metal finish, wood to metal fit, and a completely different stock design and finish. The Dubiel definitely looks like a Rolls Royce compared to the Yugo quality (or lack thereof) of the Ranger Arms model.

This same gunsmith suggested that both Ranger and DuBiel were using a "Wentworth" action to build on. ("Whitworth"?)

In any case, I paid only half the catalog price for my DuBiel, and have been very pleased with it - except for the trigger adjustment. I had to take it to 3 different gunsmiths to get it right. After the first 2 'smiths adjusted it to 3 pounds, it was no time at all before it went out of whack and reverted to about a ten pound trigger pull. The 3rd time was a charm, and it is now at about 2 pounds - a little light for my taste, but it hasn't changed a single ounce since that adjustment.

So, does anybody know the background of this DuBiel, and why it doesn't match the catalog descriptions in so many aspects? Also, is it more valuable, or less valuable because of its uniqueness?
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